Crystal City Printing Museum

The Courier building
 This designated Heritage Site Building is probably the  oldest in town, built about 1880. As you walk
through the door, the wonderful sounds and ink and oil smells of the original printing and typesetting
machines fill the air. You'll feel as if you could actually be back in 1881 when publisher Thomas
Greenway and Co. issued their first "Rock Lake Herald", later to become the Crystal City Courier.
The Museum is completely operational and you'll see the presses in action, learn about the
painstaking printing processes, and even take home a memento of your visit.
The museum is staffed and run by volunteers. Tours are given year-round upon request; naturally
such an experience takes preparation, so to arrange your tour, please call ahead to:
                         George Pogson    204-873-2141         Mike Webber       204-204-0169
                        Al Pogson             431- 867-0121         Jim Martin           204-873-2095
              or the Municipal office    204-873-2591
                  (Mon-Fri 8:30 -4:30)